Conflict Prevention & Management Strategies

Conflict Prevention & Management Strategies  
A project without conflict is like a unicorn.  We may be able to imagine one, being in the presence of one would be wonderful, but alas, the creature does not exist.  Rather, project managers and other leaders involved in projects, should expect conflict.  In many cases, skilled project leaders can harness conflict to invent better solutions, deliverables and a more powerful team.  This course reviews common conflicts that arise throughout the project lifecycle, offers proven tips and techniques for preventing them and allows the participant to practice and hone their conflict management skills in a safe learning environment.  Additionally, participants will reflect on current or past project conflicts and create a personal action plan on their active projects.
Upon completion of the 1-day course, participants will have learned important conflict prevention and management techniques that can be immediately applied to active projects.  Topics include:
  • Case Study – Your organization isn’t the only one that experiences conflict
  • Common Conflicts Across the Project Lifecycle
  • Prevention Methods
  • OK, it happened.  Now what do I do?  In the moment, conflict management techniques.
  • Practice Stations
  • Personalized Action Planning