Project Leadership

Project Leadership
Effective project management is a fusion of art and science.  The science of project management includes processes and enablers like scheduling software and templates.  The more difficult part to master, is most certainly the art of project management. When a person follows the science exactly, there is still no guarantee that the project will be successful in delivering on its objectives.  And just like art, the style that suits you, may not work for everyone in every environment.  This course reviews common project leadership challenges throughout the project lifecycle, offers proven tips and techniques for addressing them and guides the participant in developing their project leadership skills within their natural leadership style. By developing project leadership talent, project managers and others with leadership roles on projects will have the skills necessary to deliver successful projects with confidence, while your organization will experience increased stakeholder satisfaction overall.
Upon completion of the 1-day course, participants will have learned important leadership techniques that can be immediately applied to improving project success.  Topics include:
  • Leadership lessons from top world leaders
  • Important differences between leading projects and organizations
  • Review and develop your personal project leadership style
  • Create and cultivate a healthy and productive environment
  • Influence without direct reporting authority
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Communications by stakeholder group
  • Facilitation
  • Negotiation
  • Change management